If you intend to allow SSH connections to IGEL OS, there are a number of options that can make these more secure.


  1. In IGEL Setup go to System > Remote Access > SSH.
  2. Make as many of the following settings as possible for your use case. Each one improves security:
    • Uncheck Permit empty passwords. (Default: deactivated)
    • Uncheck Permit administrator login. (Default: deactivated)
    • Deny User access for user, who can execute any command with regular user privileges. (Default: denied)
    • Instead, allow User access for ruser, whose access is restricted by the list Applications access for remote user 'ruser'. (Default: allowed)
    • Optional: Edit the list Applications access for remote user 'ruser'. It defines the commands that ruser can run from remote. (Default: a local shell and IGEL Setup).
    • Click Apply.
    • Go to Security > Password, under User Account for Remote Access activate Use Password and set a password
    • Click Apply.