You will find the release notes for IGEL Linux 10.05.100 as a text file next to the installation programs on our download server and in this knowledge base: release notes.

XDMCP Sessions

XDMCP sessions are available; see X Sessions.

Wireless Manager Available in Appliance Mode

The wireless manager can be started in Appliance Mode using the in-session control bar; see In-Session Control Bar.

Applications Can Be Started in Appliance Mode

To see which applications can be started in Appliance Mode, see Appliance Mode.

RDP 10 Codecs AVC420, AVC444, AVC444v2 are supported

For configuration, see Performance.

Enhanced Change Password Function

With Setup > Accessories > Change Password, these passwords/PINs can be changed: Active Directory with user and password, Active Directory with third-party smartcard, IGEL smartcard, local user with screen lock password; see Change Password.

Cisco JVDI Client Is Available

The Cisco JVDI Client is integrated as a feature with limited functionality; see Cisco Jabber.

Enhanced Usability for Storage Hotplug

The Setup page Setup > Devices > Storage Devices > Storage Hotplug has been reworked for better usability, see Storage Hotplug.

Restricted User Access To Local Terminal

If an administrator password is set, user access to the local terminal must be allowed explicitly; see Using Local Terminal and Password - Restrict Access to IGEL OS Components.

Enhanced Connectivity Support in the Setup Assistant

The Setup Assistant helps the user with establishing a network connection; also broadband/UMTS can be configured: For details, see Using the "Setup Assistant" Function.

Enhancements for Evidian AuthMgr

Password authentication can be enabled, disabled and configured. A data partition is available so that additional data can be stored persistently. Custom messages can be defined via a catalog file. For details, see Seesion Options and Global Options.

Added an Additional Local Administrator Access for IGEL Setup 

The local administrator password is configurable at Password - Restrict Access to IGEL OS Components setup page. The page permissions are configurable at Setup Administrator Permissions - Define Access to IGEL Setup Areas setup page.

Added New Bluetooth Autopairing Wizard 

The Autopairing Wizard is started together with IGEL Setup Assistant. If no USB mouse or USB keyboard is connected, the wizard automatically searches for Bluetooth devices. See Bluetooth Assistant.

Added PrinterLogic Support

You can replace the previous direct printer management from the IGEL setup by using PrinterLogic to provision printers, See PrinterLogic.