A user tries to log out from a Citrix session but the session does not respond.

Example: Once you connect to a Citrix session, everything works. After having reconnected and disconnected several times, you log out. The window freezes while the logout screen is shown.


Select TCP only - UDP disabled under Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > Options > HDX Adaptive Transport over EDT.


Try to use another Citrix Receiver version: Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Client Selection > Citrix client version.


 Troubleshoot the issue with your Citrix infrastructure to discover why the session is not closing when the wfica process makes the call for disconnection.


As a less recommended alternative, you can configure a hotkey to force a logout in such situations. Note, however, that this workaround can cause issues with hung sessions on the Citrix servers.

To configure a logout hotkey:

  1. In IGEL Setup, go to System > Firmware Customization > Custom Application
  2. Click  to create a new Custom Application and name it e.g. "Kill Citrix Sessions".
  3. Disable all Starting Methods for this session.
  4. Enable Hotkey.
  5. Choose e.g. Ctrl|Alt as Modifiers and define C (for "Citrix) as Key.
  6. Go to System > Firmware Customization > Custom Application > Kill Citrix Sessions > Settings.
  7. Enter an Icon name.
  8. Enter /tmp/kill_citrix as Command.
  9. Go to System > Firmware Customization > Custom Commands > Desktop. 
  10. In the field Desktop initialization enter following command in one line: 
    echo -e "#! /bin/bash\n\nps -eo comm,pid | grep ^wfica | while read c p tail; do echo \$p; done | xargs -r kill -TERM" >/tmp/kill_citrix; chmod 755 /tmp/kill_citrix
  11. Click Apply and reboot the device.

To configure the hotkey for a group of devices, you can alternatively create a profile or use this oneprofile_KillCitrixSessionsViaHotkey.xml.

Here you can learn how to import a profile: Importing a Profile and Firmware.