There is a specific support case and you need to read out the current local configuration of the device.


If you need to read out the current local configuration of the device (e.g. during a support case), you can copy the two local files setup.ini and group.ini either locally or via the IGEL Universal Management Suite.

  1. With UMS 4.07.100 or newer you can transfer the setup.ini and group.ini files together with the device's log files as described in Sending Device Log Files to IGEL Support.
  2. To save the files locally on a FAT32-formatted USB storage device, proceed as follows:
    1. Enable the use of storage hotplug (setting the number of USB storage devices to greater than zero) under Devices > Storage Devices > USB Storage Hotplug.
    2. Connect the FAT32-formatted USB storage device.
    3. Create a terminal session under Accessories > Terminals.
    4. Open the terminal and login as root.
    5. Type cp /wfs/*.ini /media/[name of USB device]/ and press [Return ]to copy the setup.ini as well as the group.ini from your device to the USB drive.
    6. Type sync ,press [Return]and wait a few seconds before unplugging the USB storage device.
  3. Alternatively (with UMS before 4.07.100) you can transmit the data from the device to the UMS as follows:
    1. In UMS console start command File TC > UMS in context menu of your device or in Device menu of the menu bar (Other Device commands).
    2. Enter local file on thin client, e.g. Device file location = /wfs/setup.ini .
    3. Select Target URL, e.g. webdav/ums_filetransfer and
    4. Enter File Name of the transferred file in UMS.
    5. Click File TC > UMS .
    6. The file will be transferred to /rmguiserver/webapps/ums_filetransfer\