Menu path: Setup > Devices > Printer > PrinterLogic

If you are using PrinterLogic to provision printers, you are replacing the previous direct printer management from the Setup.

Instead, the administrator creates a website (on with the respective printers of the location(s). The setup user/administrator can then select the desired printers via the browser.


Manage printers by Printer Installer client:

☑  The printers will be managed by the Printer Installer client and not by the IGEL CUPS functionality (IGEL Setup > Devices > Printers > CUPS).

☐  No Printer Installer client is activated. The printers will be managed by the IGEL CUPS functionality. (default)

HomeURL protocol

Possible options:

  • https://
  • http://

HomeURL hostname: The host name of the web server running the printer cloud. Default:

Authorization code: Authorization code for the printer cloud; generated by the administrator.

If you have successfully set up the printer cloud, this tray icon appears in the system tray.

Mapping in sessions

ICA sessions

☑  Include printers managed by PrinterLogic in ICA sessions. (default)

RDP sessions

☑  Include printers managed by PrinterLogic in RDP sessions. (default)

NX sessions

☑  Include printers managed by PrinterLogic in NX sessions. 

☐  Don't printers managed by PrinterLogic in NX sessions. (default)

Parallels client sessions

☑  Include printers managed by PrinterLogic in Parallels client sessions.

☐  Don't include in Parallels client sessions. (default)

Show CUPS printers: Displays a list of installed printers that can be deleted.

The PrinterLogic menu

Right-click the icon  to get the following options:

  • Add Printers...: Opens the PrinterCloud in the browser. The installed printers are listed and can be installed via double-click.
  • Pull Printing...: The print job is held and released by the user at each print device that supports this function.
    • Print Job Management...: Manages your print jobs.
    • Secure Print Settings...: Opens settings for secure printing. 
  • Refresh Configurations