Menu path: Setup > Sessions > RDP > Remote Desktop Web Access > Connections

In this area, you can specify the server configuration.

The Web Access page for Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 can also be used on a Linux thin client in the Firefox browser. See Via browser.

  • Server configuration
    Possible values:
    • Predefined configuration: You can define several server connections with the same user access data. The user must enter their access data and the domain in the logon window. See Predefined configuration.
    • Ask user: The connection is preconfigured on the server side. The user only needs to enter their corporate e-mail address. See Ask user.
  • Server location: These settings are needed if Server configuration is set to Predefined configuration.
    • Protocol: Possible values:
    • RD Web Access Server: Name of the Web Access server
    • Path to web portal (default: /rdweb/feed/webfeed.aspx)
    • Enable gateway support: Possible values:
      Global settings
      Session settings
    • Gateway address: If you would like to carry over the session settings, you must also specify the gateway address.
  • Domains: Domain of the Web Access server