Menu path: Setup > Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Legacy ICA Sessions > [ICA Session] > Window

  • Number of colors: Specifies the default color depth.
    Possible values:
    • 16
    • 256
    • 32 thousand
    • 16 million
    • Automatic
    • Default: The value set in HDX/ICA Global
  • Use default settings for colormap

    ☑ Default settings are enabled. (default)

    ☐ The settings for this setup page are enabled.

  • Approximate colors

    ☑ The color table will be approximated for this session.

    ☐ The color table will remain preset on a global basis. (default)

  • Use Full-Screen

    ☑ Use full-screen mode if possible. (default)

    ☐ Full-screen mode will not be used.

  • Use Full-Screen restricted to work area:

    ☑ In this full-screen mode, the local taskbar can be used at the same time.

    ☐ The full screen covers the local taskbar (default).

  • Window size:
    • Default
    • 640x480
    • 800x600
    • 1024x768
    • 1280x1024
    • 1600x1200
  • Start monitor: Starts the session window on this monitor.
    • No configuration
    • 1st Monitor
    • 2nd Monitor
  • Seamless window mode:

    ☑ The seamless mode is enabled. It can only be used with published applications or with a specified start program for the server connection.

    ☐ The seamless mode is disabled. (default)

  • Font smoothing: Font smoothing is preset on a global basis. You can change it for this session.
    • Global setting
    • Off
    • Default
    • ClearType