Menu path: Setup > Network > SCEP Client (NDES) > Certificate

Here, you can specify the basic data for the certificate to be issued by the certification body.

Type of CommonName/SubjectAltName: The characteristic for linking the certificate to the device.

  • IP address: The IP address of the device.
  • DNS name: The DNS name of the device.
  • IP address (auto): The IP address of the device (inserted automatically).
  • DNS name (auto): The DNS name of the device (inserted automatically).
  • Email address: An email address.
  • DNS name as UPN (auto).

If the client automatically obtains its network name, DNS Name (auto) is a good type for the client certificate.

CommonName/SubjectAltName: Give a designation which matches the Type of CommonName/SubjectAltName. For certain types, this occurs automatically. No entry is then required.

Organizational unit: Stipulated by the certification authority.

Organization: A freely definable designation for the organization to which the client belongs.

Locality: Details regarding the device’s locality. Example: "Augsburg".

State: Details regarding the device’s locality. Example: "Bayern".

Country: Two-digit ISO 3166-1 country code. Example: "DE".

RSA key length (bits): Select a key length (one suited to the certification authority) for the certificate that is to be issued.
Possible values:

  • "1024"
  • "2048"
  • "4096"