Logfiles can get very large quite fast. This is why they are stored in a separate partition. It is mounted at /debuglog.

Enabling and Configuring the Debuglog Partition

The partition is enabled and configured in the Registry:

IGEL Setup > System > Registry

> Enable debuglog partition


enabled / disabled

Enables the debuglog partition.

IGEL Setup > System > Registry

> Size of debuglog partition in MiB


50 ... 500 / 100

Resizing the debuglog partition will delete its contents!

Debuglog Partition Contents

Depending on which logging options you enable (see the following topics), you may find the following files in the debuglog partition:

  • Syslog
    • messages (the current syslog)
    • messages[1-9].gz (compressed and rotated syslog)
  • Ethtool
    • netlog-ethtool-[device].log
  • Ping
    • netlog-host-[0-9]-ping.log (ping log)
    • netlog-host-[0-9]-ping[n].log.gz (compressed and rotated ping log)
  • Ifconfig
    • netlog-ifconfig-[device].log
  • Netstat
    • netlog-netstat.log (netstat log)
    • netlog-netstat[n].log.gz (compressed and rotated netstat log)
  • Socket Status
    • netlog-socket_status.log (socket status log)
    • netlog-socket_status[n].log.gz (compressed and rotated socket status log)
  • Tcpdump
    • tcpdump[0-3]_capture_current[n] (tcpdump capture)
    • tcpdump[0-3]_capture-[n].pcap.{lzo,gz,bzip2,xz} (compressed and rotated tcpdump captures)
  • Tcpdump triggered by an error
    • ERROR_[timestamp]/tcpdump[0-3]_capture-[n].pcap.{lzo,gz,bzip2,xz} (compressed and preserved tcpdump captures)