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HDX multimedia redirection improves the playback of audio and video content during a Citrix session.

Hardware acceleration for multimedia playback is available on specific devices.  For further information, see Hardware Video Acceleration on IGEL OS.

Multimedia redirection

☑ Multimedia data are sent to the device and decoded there.

☐ Multimedia data are decoded on the server. (Default)

HDX RealTime WebCam redirection

☑ Redirection is enabled.

The following webcam parameters can be adjusted (for information on how to determine the capabilities of the webcam, see Using Webcam Information): 

  • HDX WebCam frame rate. (Default: 5)
  • HDX WebCam quality. (Default: 16)
  • HDX WebCam width. (Default: 352)
  • HDX WebCam height. (Default: 288)
  • HDX WebCam delay time. (Default: 2000)
  • HDX WebCam delay type. (Default: 1)

☐ Redirection is disabled. (Default)

HDX RealTime Media Engine

☑ The HDX RealTime Media Engine is enabled and significantly improves the performance of Lync / Skype for Business.

☐ The HDX RealTime Media Engine is not used. (Default)

Content redirection

☑ Specific content types are opened with a local program, e.g. PDF documents with Evince.

☐ Content redirection is disabled. (Default)

Browser content redirection

☑  The browser content is redirected from the server to the device, e.g. to relieve the load on the server.

☐  Browser content redirection is disabled. (Default)