• Integrated Citrix Workspace App 2203.
  • Available Citrix Workspace apps in this release: 2203 (default), 2202 and 2010
  • Added registry keys for Citrix Workspace App 2203:
    • for configuring the new KeyboardSyncMode. Windows Server may require config, see

      ParameterConfigure KeyboardSyncMode
      Valueno / dynamic / once

      no - Indicates that the client uses the keyboard layout present on the server.

      dynamic - This option synchronizes the client keyboard layout to the server when you change the client keyboard layout.

      once - when the session launches

    • for configuring new KeyboardEventMode:

      ParameterConfigure KeyboardEventMode
      ValueUnicode/ Scancode

      Citrix recommends "Scancode" for KeyboardSyncMode=no
      and "Unicode" for the other values.  

    • Fixed implementation for DNSCacheEnabled.


  • Updated AVD client to version
  • Added and enabled MS-Teams optimization

VMware Horizon

  • Added system-wide handler to start links which use the vmware-view protocol.
    View session can now be started by Chromium or any other application which uses xdg-open.
  • Updated Horizon Client to version 2111.1-8.4.1-19480456 which fixes the typematic (key-repeat) issue


  • Added support for Realtek 8852be WiFi cards.

Cisco JVDI Client

  • Updated Cisco JVDI to version 14.1.0

Base system

  • Added new field netmask to SystemInformationLog - only relevant for specific customer.


  • Updated Zoom Media Plugin to version
    Available Zoom Media Plugins in this release: 5.4.59458,, and