Menu path: Setup > Sessions > RDP > RDP Sessions > [Session Name] > Options

Here, you can specify the name and symbol for the RDP client.

  • Client name: Specifies the name that is sent to the terminal server for identification purposes.
    Possible values:
    • Global setting: The setting from RDP Global > Options will be carried over.
    • Custom client name: The name given under Custom client name will be used as the client name.
    • MAC address: The MAC address of the computer will be used as the client name.
    • Host name: The name of the device specified under Setup > Network > LAN Interfaces > Terminal name  will be used as the client name. See LAN Interfaces.
  • Custom client name: Custom client name; if the field is empty, the MAC address will be used.
  • Load balancing routing token: The character string is needed if Token based load balancing is used.
    For further information, see What Is the String for Token-Based Load Balancing?.
  • Icon name: File name of the icon without file extension. (Default: rdp)