Menu path: Setup > User Interface > Desktop > Pager

In this area, you can enable the use of a number of virtual workstations.

The Pager is a tool with virtual desktops which can be used as an easy way of switching between open applications. This window is shown at the right of the taskbar. You can use up to 25 virtual desktops. If you use a Pager, you can switch between full-screen applications for example at the click of a mouse.

Instead of minimizing/maximizing sessions or switching between them using key combinations, you simply click on the desired screen using the mouse. The screen is then shown as it was when you closed it (unless you restarted the system beforehand).

  • Use Pager

    ☑ Several virtual desktops may be used.

    ☐ Pager is not used. (default)

  • Number of Screens - Horizontal: Specifies how many pages will be shown next to each other.
  • Number of Screens - Vertical: Specifies how many pages will be shown above each other.
  • Names of the workspaces: Give names for the individual desktops.
  • Paging Resistance: Specifies how many pixels the cursor needs to be moved over the edge of the screen before it triggers a switch of desktop. You only need to make this setting if you enable at least one of the following options:
    • Wrap workspaces while dragging a window: The desktop is switched as soon as a window is dragged out of view.
    • Wrap workspaces with pointer: The desktop is switched as soon as the mouse reaches the edge of the screen.