• Fixed video playback on BBC websites redirected via Citrix Browser Content Redirection.
  • Fixed Multimedia redirection and HDX RealTime Media Engine may used concurrently.

OSC Installer

  • Fixed issue with failed partitioning.


  • Added a new parameter to control audio latency (in milliseconds) which defines the amount of buffered audio data in the RDP client.

    Value125 (msec)


  • Improved overall sound quality.
  • Fixed issue caused audio redirection to fail randomly.
  • Clipboard redirection has potential privacy and security risks and is therefore disabled by default.
  • Fixed dead key support (key composition).
  • Fixed sound getting choppy after a while.
  • Several bugfixes for all kind of stability issues.

VMware Horizon

  • Fixed: Save VMWare Horizon user from last login when in appliance mode.
    Reduced the options for "Preset login information" to either "from last login" or "from session setup". The redundant option "from appliance mode" is removed because the appliance mode is also treated as a session.

    IGEL SetupSessions > Horizon Client > Horizon Client Global > Local Logon
    ParameterPreset login information
    Range[Set user/domain from last login] [Set user/domain from session setup]
  • Fixed Skype for Business integration.


  • Fixed switching off firmware feature PrinterLogic removes browser policies file.
  • Fixed hiding the URL input results in disappearing web content.
  • Fixed browser startscript which was waiting for a new window even when browser was not configured to open an extra one.


  • Use e1000e driver out-of-the-kernel as default instead of the third-party driver.


  • Fixed connection problems by updating the regulatory domain database.
  • Improved persistence of Wi-Fi switch state across reboots.
  • Fixed problems with Wi-Fi backports driver and older Wi-Fi adapters or adapters with external kernel drivers.

Open VPN

  • Fixed timing in OpenVPN credential dialogs to prevent focus loss when started too early at system boot.
  • Fixed session management where VPN connections could get stuck when wrong passwords were entered with no possibility of retry.


  • Hide the Imprivata session templates on the desktop as this is misleading.


  • Fixed smartcard reader VASCO/OneSpan Digipass 905. Disabled USB auto suspend for all smart card readers.
  • Added parameter to control the used smartcard protocol when connecting with raw and other protocols allowed. Enable to read smartcards using NHS Identity Agent.

    ParameterAvoid raw protocol
    Valuefalse / true  
  • Fixed use of IDPrime smartcards inside sessions with readers driven by Open Source CCID smartcard reader driver: implemented attribute SCARD_ATTR_CHANNEL_ID.
  • Added parameter to delay smartcard insertion events (in milliseconds). This solves issues reading smartcards within the Citrix Workspace App. Issue occured when inserting the card after already started StoreFront login.

    ParameterDelay smart card insertion event time

Base system

  • Fixed NTP sync problem with some Windows Timeservers.
    New registry key:

    ParameterNTP max allowed distance
    TooltipSet this to a larger value can help to synchronize with unreliable NTP servers
    Value16 (new default 16 seconds instead of 3 before)
  • Added _diag kernel modules needed by Stratusphere IPS.
  • Fixed Next button usage in Setup Assistant while registering for an evaluation license.
  • Fixed issue with mounting USB devices in the Licensing tool.
  • If used as a master image, the image will expand itself to full size (limited to 16 GiB) on flash. This is done only on first boot and never again.
  • Possible rollout of initial settings, certificates, or licenses placed on the first partition.
    The necessary steps are:
    • Writing image to USB or Flash medium
    • Mount or simply access the 1. VFAT partition which is present (should be empty)
    • Copying the modified setup.ini and/or **.lic files to the 1st partition (no directories)
    • For copying certificates, a ca-certs directory must be created where the desired certificates can be inserted. These will be copied to the /wfs/ca-certs directory on first boot.
    • The USB/Flash medium can be copied several times as needed
    • With the initial boot, the device will reboot out of the splash screen (re-read changed partition table)
    • The settings, certificates and/or licenses will be deployed and also deleted from the 1st partition.

Firmware update

  • Improve download speed for SFTP update sources.

Appliance Mode

  • Fixed RHEV/Spice appliance mode.

X11 system

  • Fixed displays not being automatically set up on boot.

Media Player (Parole)

  • Fixed handling of player latency (stream buffering).


  • Fixed non-working Prolific PL2303 USB-to-serial adapters.
  • Fixed non-working keyboard and touchpad on Microsoft Surface 3 Laptop.

IGEL Cloud Gateway

  • Handle UMS jobs intended to be executed on the next boot. This feature requires UMS 6.05.100 or later.