• Fixed security issue CVE-2022-1096.
  • Fixed security issues:
    CVE-2022-1232, CVE-2022-1146, CVE-2022-1145,
    CVE-2022-1144, CVE-2022-1143, CVE-2022-1142, CVE-2022-1141, CVE-2022-1139,
    CVE-2022-1138, CVE-2022-1137, CVE-2022-1136, CVE-2022-1135, CVE-2022-1134,
    CVE-2022-1133, CVE-2022-1132, CVE-2022-1131, CVE-2022-1130, CVE-2022-1129,
    CVE-2022-1128, CVE-2022-1127, and CVE-2022-1125
  • Updated Chromium browser to version 100.0.4896.75

Base system

  • Fixed kernel security issues CVE-2022-1015 and CVE-2022-1016.
  • Fixed python2.7 security issues CVE-2022-0391 and CVE-2021-4189.
  • Fixed python3.6 security issues CVE-2022-0391, CVE-2021-4189, and CVE-2021-3426.
  • Fixed zlib security issue CVE-2018-25032.
  • Fixed rsync security issue CVE-2018-25032.
  • Fixed paramiko security issue CVE-2022-24302.
  • Fixed xz-utils security issue CVE-2022-1271.
  • Fixed tcpdump security issues CVE-2020-8037 and CVE-2018-16301.
  • Fixed gzip security issue CVE-2022-1271.