Menu path: Setup > Sessions > ThinLinc > ThinLinc Sessions > [Session Name] > Server

  • Server: Name or IP address of the ThinLinc server
  • User: User name for the connection to the ThinLinc server
  • Password: Password for the connection to the ThinLinc server

    Session passwords are stored with reversible encryption. Therefore, we strongly recommend not to store the session password on the endpoint device. 

  • Use global SSH port settings

    ☑ The port set under Setup > Sessions > ThinLinc > ThinLinc Global > Server will be used. (default)

    ☐ The port set in SSH port or Custom port number will be used.

  • SSH port
    Possible values:
    • Default SSH (22): Port 22 is used.
    • HTTP (80): Port 80 is used.
    • Custom: Under Custom port number, you can enter an alternative port number.
  • Custom port number: Alternative port number