You may want to shutdown, suspend, restart or log off from the device automatically after ending a session.


You can define an "after-logoff-action" dependent on a session type. This action is performed after ending the last instance of the defined session type.

Proceed as follows:

  1. In the thin client's local setup (or its UMS configuration or profile) navigate to System > Firmware Customization > Custom Commands > After End of Session.
  2. Choose a Session type.
  3. Choose an auto logoff command.
  4. Save the changes with Apply or OK.

If the last instance of the chosen session type is ended, the auto logoff command will be processed.

See also IGEL OS manual: Post Session

The auto logoff command Shutdown will perform the default action defined in System > Energy > Shutdown. Please check this parameter before using auto logoff.

The auto logoff command Logoff is futile unless you define a logon method in Security > Logon (Smartcard, Active Directory/Kerberos or IGEL Shared Workplace). The Logoff command also can not be used with an appliance - in this case only Shutdown/Suspend or Reboot commands are working.

When using auto logoff commands with an appliance, make sure to define the corresponding session type - e.g. Horizon View when using the VMware Horizon View appliance.