Menu path: Sessions > IBM iAccess Client > IBM iAccess Global > Tab Setup

Open new sessions in a new tab

☑ The new session will be opended in a new tab.  (Default)

☐  A new session will be opened in a new window.

Always display the tab bar

☑ The tab bar will always be displayed.

☐  The tab bar will not be displayed. (Default)

Switch to new tab when created

☑ Switches to new tab. (Default)

☐  Remains in current tab.

Send a warning when closing multiple tabs

☑ Sends warning. (Default)

☐  Multiple tabs are closed without warning.

Do not start tabbed sessions until the tab is selected

☑ Applies.

☐  Does not apply. (Default)

New Tab Action

  • Disable and hide
  • Run the same
  • Run other...

Tab Placement

  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Left
  • Right