The release notes for IGEL OS Linux 11.01.100 can be found as a text file on our download server as well as in the Knowledge Base at Notes for Release 11.01.100

New desktop theme with new, transparent wallpapers

The IGEL OS Desktop has a new theme.

New, transparent wallpapers which the selected colors shine through; see Background.

Support for PowerTerm removed

The Ericom PowerTerm client was removed; PowerTerm sessions are no longer supported.

Change Passwort accessory supports changing Smartcard passwords

The Change Smartcard Password accessory was removed. Changing the smartcard password is now possible only with the Change Password accessory; see Change Password.

Integration of JabraXpress and power-saving mode for wireless Jabra audio devices

Jabra Xpress was integrated; power-saving mode for wireless Jabra audio devices is supported now; see Jabra.

Adobe Flash Player plugin was removed

Downloading the Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported.

Most Browser settings are now global only

Almost all session-specific Browser settings are now global; see Browser Global.

The Display Switch Feature was revised and extended.

The new Display Switch tool can use multiple different profiles, automatically chosen at runtime depending on the currently connected monitors.

Deploying Licenses without UMS

With the license browser, a license can be deployed on the device without using the UMS; see License Browser.