Menu path: Sessions > PCoIP Software Client > PCoIP Sessions > PCoIP Session > Connection Settings

Use IGEL Setup for configuration
☑  The connection settings are configured via IGEL Setup.
☐  IGEL Setup does not control the connection settings. (Default)

Broker type
Possible options:

  • 'PCoIP broker'
  • 'Direct hardhost'

Server: Host name or IP address of the PCoIP server. 

Desktop: Name of the virtual desktop. This parameter is only relevant if the user is assigned to more than one virtual desktop on the server, e. g. Amazon Web Services (AWS). If the user has several desktops and the field Desktop is empty, a selection of all available desktops is displayed after login. If the field Desktop contains the name of an available desktop, the session is started with this desktop.

Server certificate verification mode
Possible options:

  • 'Not required'
  • 'Warn but allow'
  • 'Full verification': For secure operation, this verification mode is recommended.