Menu path: Setup > Security > Logon > IGEL Smartcard

  • Login with IGEL smartcard

    ☑ You can log in to the device using a smartcard. Depending on the configuration, a password may also be needed. Sessions stored on the smartcard become available.

    ☐ The desktop can be used without an IGEL smartcard. (Default)

  • Company key:  A shared code for a smartcard and a device. The code entered must match the code stored on the IGEL smartcard. If two codes do not match, the IGEL smartcard cannot be used on this terminal.

Save the settings before starting to personalize the card.

Start application to write IGEL smartcards:

  • Smartcard personalization: Opens a window where you can set a login password and add sessions to the card.

Session configurations are stored on the card's integrated circuit, and the session can be used on any IGEL device that reads the card.

Smartcard personalization is possible via the local Setup only. The option is not available via the UMS.

For further information about the smartcard personalization function, see Using “Smartcard Personalization” function.

For information how to create IGEL smartcards via the UMS, see Authentication with IGEL Smartcard.

See also Smartcard Readers Supported by IGEL Smartcards.