Solution Based on Experience from the Field

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Bar code scanning is slow via Citrix.


  • Firmware version: any
  • UMS version: any


USB attached bar code scanner is very slow via Citrix.


In order to pass the Bar Code scanner through correctly, you want it to be a HID so it passes through as a HID instead of using Native USB Redirection. A quick way to determine that would be to open a terminal in IGEL OS and simply scan something. If it populates data in the terminal, then it is configured as HID. Also, check the configuration guide for the particular scanner that you are using. The config guide is simply a bunch of barcodes that the device can scan. Once a code is scanned, the device beeps twice, and that changes the config on the scanner. On some devices, there is a setting for Alternate OS Linux/MACOS. The default setting for the scanner usually doesn't enable this. Once the setting was set, everything scanned very fast and that same speed was shown in Citrix.