Menu path: Sessions > SSH > [Session Name] > Options

Here, you can change the setting for X11 forwarding, compression, and the protocol version used.

Enable X11 connection forwarding

☑ X11 applications on the remote computer that are launched via the SSH session will be shown on your device. (Default)

☐ No X11 programs can be launched on the remote computer via the SSH session.

Enable compression

☑ The data will be compressed for transmission.

Force protocol version 1

☑ The SSH client will force protocol version 1 for authentication. Protocol version 1 will be used when you connect to an old SSH server.

Force protocol version 2

☑ The SSH client will force protocol version 2 for authentication. 

Select one of the two protocol versions or none. If you select none, the system will decide which version it prefers.

Port: SSH port. (Default: 22)