• Fixed the rdpdebugger to work again (was broken in the previous release).
  • Fixed smartcard redirection: after session reconnection readers and cards were not connected anymore in some cases.

Parallels Client

  • Fixed crash after closing one session if started 2 same sessions before


  • Fixed driver for Elatec RFID readers. Before this fix the readers sometimes were not available after boot.

Base System

  • Updated kernel to Ubuntu-hwe-4.10.0-43.47_16.04.1.
  • Fixed kernel security issues CVE-2017-16939, CVE-2017-12192, CVE-2017-1000370, CVE-2017-1000371, CVE-2017-12190, CVE-2017-15274, CVE-2017-14156, CVE-2017-14140, CVE-2017-15115, CVE-2017-14489, CVE-2017-12153, CVE-2017-16525, CVE-2017-7542 and CVE-2017-8824.
  • Partially addressed CVE-2017-5715 (Spectre Branch Target Injection) with Intel microcode updates version 20180108. CPU Models with updated microcode:
    • IVT C0
    • SKL-U/Y D0 and SKL-H/S R0
    • BDW-U/Y E/F and BDW-H E/G
    • HSW-ULT Cx/Dx and HSW Cx/Dx
    • Crystalwell Cx
    • HSX-EX E0 and HSX C0
    • BDX-DE V0/V1 and BDX-DE V2
    • KBL-U/Y H0, KBL Y0 / CFL D0 and KBL-H/S B0
    • CFL U0 and CFL B0
    • SKX H0
    • GLK B0
  • Fixed kernel security issues CVE-2017-1000405 (aka Huge Dirty Cow).
  • Fixed Intel meltdown problem CVE-2017-5754 with Kernel Page Table Isolation (KPTI) Patch.