• Fixed race condition that may lead to unexpected behavior with RDP connections.
  • Fixed VMware Horizon session disconnect.
  • Fixed Lock-key and Tap-out behavior.

  • Fixed MS RDSH session.

VMware Horizon

  • Fixed sound in Horizon client 5.x using PCoIP protocol.


  • Caradigm restart loops fixed.

Base system

  • Fixed potential temporary settings loss when resuming from standby.
  • Automatic firmware update is now checked after retrieval of UMS settings.
  • When there are any non-applied changes in the network configuration, the network will be reconfigured before the firmware update starts.
  • Re-fixed broken custom bootsplash when doing a reset to factory defaults via UMS.


  • Updated SecMaker Net iD smartcard library to version The changes are:

    • Support for Gemalto IDPrime 940 and 3940.
    • Support for new VRK card (IDEMIA IAS ECC, spec: FINEID S1 - FINEID S1 Electronic ID Application v4.0).
    • Support for Aventra MyEID v4.0 (customer specific card profile with read support only).
    • Fixed problem with detection of cards in Net iD Card Portal.
    • Other fixes, see release notes at SecMaker.
  • Fixed smartcard user names displayed on login screen: non-ASCII characters were not shown correctly before.

  • Fixed error message on login screen shown when smartcard PIN is locked.

  • Fixed handling of smartcards in pcsc-lite: improved transaction locking.
    A new parameter was introduced to control the new behavior (enabled by default):

    ParameterAbort stalled transactions

    enabled / disabled

  • Fixed IGEL Smartcard to be able to handle VoIP client Ekiga sessions.


  • Updated Philips Speech Driver to version 12.8.5.
  • Updated StepOver TCP Client to version 2.3.2.

CUPS Printing

  • Updated Printer Installer client to version
  • Added missing CUPS model names for some CUPS printers.

X11 system

  • Fixed an issue with modesetting driver and DisplayLink USB graphic adapters.
  • Removed registry key x.drivers.glamor.use_dri3 as it is of no real use.
  • Updated Intel Xorg driver to work fix issues with DisplayLink USB adapters.
  • Fixed issue with Wacom Signing Pads not being recognized as displays.

X server

  • Fix HP Elitebook Display issue with HP Ultraslim Docking Station.


  • Fixed issue when configuring more then one NTP server.
  • Fixed missing library with openconnect feature.

OS 11 Upgrade

  • Add special warning when not connected to power line in upgrade boot.


  • Fixed RDP Web Access Domain Visibility not working correctly.

Remote Management

  • Fixed broken logon into Shared Workplace on devices that are managed over ICG.
  • Fixed responding to requests searching an available buddy update server.


  • Fixed sporadic connection failure in the VNC server.