The release notes for the latest release of IGEL OS 11.02 can be found on our download server under  Software Downloads  as well as in the Knowledge Base at Notes for Release 11.02.150.

Timed Command (Cron Replacement)

You can define one or more commands which are executed at a defined time; the configuration is similar to that of a cron job. For more information, see Creating a Timed Command (Cron Replacement).

Custom Boot Commands Are Still Active after Factory Reset

You can manually delete custom boot commands which are still active after a factory reset. For more information, see Custom Boot Commands Are Still Active after Factory Reset.

Switch for the Wi-Fi Connection

You can now turn Wi-Fi off or on from the system tray; see Switch for the Wi-Fi Connection.

Network Connection Icons Visible When Screen Is Locked or Login Dialog Is Displayed

The network connection icons are now displayed even in the login dialog or on the locked screen; see Taskbar.

RDS Collection

Added a field to connect to a Remote Desktop Services (RDS) collection in RDP server settings.

New Login Methods for ThinLinc Sessions

New login methods have been added for ThinLinc sessions; see Login under ThinLinc sessions.

Login with IGEL Smartcard When Desktop Is Not Locked

Sessions stored on an IGEL smartcard can be started even when the desktop is not locked; see Enable IGEL smartcard without locking desktop under IGEL Smartcard.

The Possibility to Open Links in New Browser Tabs Has Been Re-Enabled

To specify how links to new pages are to be opened, see Tabs.

SMB Network Printer

It is now possible to use SMB network printer, see Printers and Settings to Be Configured for Each Printer Port Type.