Menu path: Setup > System > Update > Buddy Update

Under Buddy Update, you can specify your thin client as an update server for other IGEL thin clients. If you use a thin client as an update server, only the FTP protocol can be used to update the firmware. A number of thin clients can be set up as buddy update servers within the network.

Thin clients without a specified update server search for available servers during the update. The first update server contacted then provides the update.

No Downgrade from IGEL OS 11.03

It is not possible to downgrade from IGEL OS 11.03 or higher to any version before IGEL OS 11.03, except IGEL OS 11.02.200. This is because, from IGEL OS 11.03 onwards, the system partitions are signed to guarantee their integrity; it is not possible to change from a system with signed partitions to a system with unsigned partitions. IGEL OS 11.02.200 is a special variant of IGEL OS 11.02 that has signed system partitions. IGEL OS 11.02.200 is only available from the IGEL Support Team.

  • Enable Update Server

    ☑ This thin client serves as an FTP firmware update server for other thin clients.

    ☐ This thin client does not serve as an FTP firmware update server for other thin clients. (default)

  • User Name: User name for FTP access (default: anonymous)
  • Password: Password for FTP access. The asterisk * allows any password.
  • Max. Concurrent Logins: Maximum number of simultaneous logons on the FTP server. (default: 10)

    For further information, read the Buddy Update how-to.