Menu path: Setup > System > Firmware Customization > Custom Partition

In IGEL OS, a custom data partition is available for use as required. A download/update function which loads data from a server and, where appropriate, updates them can be set up for this custom storage area.

The IGEL Support Team offers support for the deployment of Custom Partitions. However, it is not possible to offer support for any third-party software that is installed on a Custom Partition.

Feature Requires License

The Custom Partition (CP) feature requires a valid license. This license is part of the Enterprise Management Pack (EMP). When the license expires, the Custom Partition is deactivated and cannot be used any more. As soon as the license is renewed, it can be used again.

If the license is about to expire within 10 days or less, the device shows a notification with the number of days until expiry.

If the thin client is reset to the default settings (factory reset), the custom partition and all data stored on it will be deleted.