Menu path: Setup > Sessions > VoIP Client > H.323

You can change H.323-specific settings for forwarding, H.245, quick start and for the multi-frequency dialing process (DTMF).

  • Forward URI: H.323 URI to which inbound calls are forwarded if forwarding is enabled. You will find further information on forwarding under Call Options.
  • Enable H.245 tunneling

    ☑ H.245 messages will be packaged in H.225 messages. In this way, no additional TCP connection must be established. (Default)

    For H.245 tunneling, port 1720 is required.

    ☐ A separate TCP connection is established for H.245.

  • Enable early H.245

    ☑ H.245 will be launched at an earlier point in the connection process. The voice connection can be established more quickly as a result. (Standard)

  • Enable Fast Start procedure

    ☑ The voice connection will be established in quick start mode (fast connect, part of H.323 v2). (Standard)

  • DTMF senden als: Specifies how key sequences are transmitted while a connection is in place.
    Mögliche Werte:
    • String: The key sequence is transmitted using H.245 User Input Indication.
    • Tone: The key sequence is transmitted as a tone sequence in the audio data flow.
    • RFC 2833: The key sequence is transmitted using RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol).
    • Q.931: The key sequence is transmitted via the signaling channel.