• Support for dynamic emergency calling within MS Teams

    ParameterCitrix Support for dynamic e911
    Valuefalse /true
  • Integrated Citrix Workspace App 2207.
    Available Citrix Workspace Apps in this release: 2207 (default), 2205 and 2010.
    • Composite USB redirection

      ParameterNative USB Redirection class rule
      ValueDeny, Allow, Connect
      ParameterNative USB Redirection product rule
      ValueDeny, Allow, Connect
    • Citrix Workspace app allows the splitting of composite USB devices. A composite USB device can perform more than one function. These functions are accomplished by exposing each of those functions using different interfaces.
      An example of a composite USB device is the Bloomberg keyboard which consists of a keyboard, fingerprint reader, an audio device, and USB hub, etc.
    • The Composite USB redirection feature adds the CONNECT value to the rules for USB devices.
    • CONNECT – Set the “CONNECT” keyword to enable auto-redirect of a device when a session starts.
    • ALLOW – Set the “ALLOW” keyword to allow auto-redirect of a device only after a session starts. However, if the “CONNECT” or “ALLOW” keyword is set, the device is auto-redirected when it is unplugged and plugged in during a session.
    • When redirect the composite USB device, normally the whole device is forwarded to the virtual host. However, now there is the possibility to split and forward only the child interfaces that use a generic USB channel. To do this, it is necessary to add the following filter parameters (split and intf) to the device rules. The split parameter specifies whether a composite device must be forwarded as separate devices or as a single composite device. "Split=1" means that the selected child interfaces of a composite device must be forwarded as split devices, while split=0 must not be forwarded (If the split parameter is omitted, Split=0 is assumed). The intf parameter selects the specific child interfaces of the composite unit to which the action is to be applied.
    • In IGEL Setup, the device rules can be added under Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > Native USB Redirection > Device Rules. Adding the first two filter parameters Vendor id/vid and Product id/ pid, which redirects the entire
      composite device in the session. If splitting of the composite device is required, adding additional parameters in the "Extra config" as shown in the example is required.
      CONNECT: vid=047F pid=C039 split=1 intf=03 # Allow HID device and connect automatically.
      DENY: vid=047F pid=C039 split=1 intf=00 # Deny audio endpoints
      ALLOW: vid=047F pid=C039 split=1 intf=05 # Allow mgmt intf but do not connect automatically
    • Note: Native USB Redirection for Citrix Sessions in IGEL OS - the third option "connect" has been added to the class and device rules. Composite USB redirection can change the behavior. If a device is no longer redirected with CWA 2207, the rule should be changed to 'Connect'.
  • Enhancement to improve audio quality
    • Playback Delay Thresh

      ParameterPlayback Delay Thresh
      Value50 (default)

      With this enhancement, the maximum output buffering value is decreased from 200 ms to 50 ms in Citrix Workspace app. As a result, the user experience of the interactive audio application is improved. Also, the Round trip time (RTT) is decreased by 150 ms. This parameter is valid only when "AudioRedirectionV4" is set to "True".

    • Audio Temp Latency Boost

      ParameterAudio Temp Latency Boost
      Value100 (default)

      When the audio throughput undergoes a sudden spike or is not enough for an unstable network, this value increases the output buffering value. This increase in the output buffering value provides smooth audio. However, the
      audio might be slightly delayed. This parameter is only valid when "AudioRedirectionV4" and "AudioLatencyControlEnabled" are set to "True".

  • Improved audio echo cancellation support

    ParameterImproved audio echo cancellation support
    Valuefalse / true

  • Support for DPI matching

    ParameterSupport for DPI matching
    Valuefalse / true

    The display resolution and DPI scale values set in the Citrix Workspace app match the corresponding values in the virtual apps and desktops session. DPI scaling is mostly used with large size and high-resolution monitors to display
    applications, text, images, and other graphical elements in a size that can be viewed comfortably.

  • App Protection

    ParameterCitrix App Protection
    Valuefalse / true

    App protection is an add-on feature for the Citrix Workspace app that provides enhanced security when using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops published resources. Two policies provide anti-keylogging and anti-screen-capturing
    capabilities for a Citrix HDX session. This feature is fully supported only for workspace app 2207, with older workspace apps, you may experience x11vnc crashes.

  • Updated deviceTRUST Client Extension to version 21.1.310.0.

OSC Installer

  • Added option in factory mode for an automatical shutdown after self-check. Log file of this deployment self-check is written to dummy partition.


  • Added SIGTERM and SIGHUP signal handlers to disconnect sessions once received these signals. Since remote log-off is not supported in RDP, both signal handlers perform a session disconnect.
  • Fixed audio crackling
  • Added potential fix for the ClaimsTokenAuthChallenge issue that dialog pops up too often.
  • Added SIGTERM and SIGHUP. As soon as the RdCoreSDK supports session log-off as well, SIGHUP handler will be used instead of the disconnect.
  • Added potential fixes for crashes with enabled printer redirection
  • Fixed MS-Teams VDI the local video window went black occasionally.
  • Applied patch to fix bug in boost 1.69.0 that caused the "User cancelled" issue. at boost 1.74.0
  • Added two parameters regarding MS-Teams (WebRTC) redirection video decoding:

    Valueon / auto / off
    Value1 (default) / 0 (auto) / 0-16


  • Updated deviceTRUST Client Extension to version 21.1.310.0.

RD Web Access

  • Added new parameter to enable support for Interactive Logon Messages.

    Valueenabled / disabled

VMware Horizon

  • Updated VMware Horizon client to version 2206-8.6.0-20094634


  • Updated Ericom PowerTerm LTC to version This fixes scaling the emulation window to large sizes.


  • Added startup splash screen to IBM iAccess client. Thus, the user gets visual feedback of sessions about to start.

    ParameterShow splash screen at session startup
    Valuetrue / false

HP Anyware

  • Renamed Teradici PCoIP Ultra to HP Anyware PCoIP
    Updated HP Anyware PCoIP client to version 22.07.0-18.04


  • Updated Modemmanager and libraries to improve LTE device support.


  • Added initial support for Realtek 8852ce Wi-Fi chipset.


  • Updated Applidis SLB Linux client to version


  • Updated Thales SafeNet Authentication client to version 10.8.1013.

CUPS Printing

ParameterMake connected printer default printer
Valueenabled / disabled
  • Added the dynamic default printer feature: If several printers are defined, the last plugged printer will be set as the default printer.
    On boot, the printer will be selected which is connected at the time. 
    If more than one printer is connected at boot, the one which is the last in the list of printers defined in the OS gets the default.
    If a printer which was default is removed, the remaining printer will be elected as default.
    If more than one remains, the last in the list of printers defined in the OS, gets the default.
  • Fixed printer activation on USB hotplug which could fail in rare occasions.
  • Fixed cases where choosing the first USB printer fails as not named usblp0 by the kernel as expected, as higher numbers were used (e.g. usblp2) even if no other USB printers were connected. The first USB printer is now defined as the one which is the first in the (sorted) list of all connected USB printers.
    Accordingly, the second USB printer is the second in the list of USB printers.
    For the case more than one USB printer is used at the same time, the first or second printer should not be used as a selection method, as the numbering is also depending on the timing the printer is registered on the endpoint. On the next boot, the numbering can be different especially if the devices are switched on individually.
    In this case, it's recommended to use instead the usbclass backend or selection by the USB Port on the endpoint or by the printer's USB IDs.
  • Updated HP Linux Imaging and Printing (HPLIP) to version 3.22.6
  • Updated printer list to include all new printers from HPLIP 3.22.6 (which do not require a proprietary plugin).

Cisco Webex

  • Integrated Cisco WebEx Meetings VDI plugins and
    Available plugins in this release: (default), and
  • Integrated Cisco WebEx VDI plugin

Cisco JVDI Client

  • Integrated Cisco JVDI 14.1.2

Base System

  • Updated kernel to version 5.17.15.
  • Updated VDPAU library to version 1.5.
  • Updated gphoto library to version 2.5.29.
  • Updated OpenConnect VPN client to version 9.01.
  • Updated bluetooth stack (bluez) to version 5.64.
  • Updated OpenVPN client to version 2.6.0 (with OpenVPN DCO support).
  • Updated MESA OpenGL stack to version 22.1.5.
  • Updated wireless regdb to version 2022.06.06.
  • Added support for webcam virtual background (must be activated in System > Fimware Customization > Features > Virtual Background for Webcam)
    Minimum hardware requirements:
    - 4 GB RAM
    - Quad Core CPU with 1.5 GHz or higher
    • Also added new registry keys (to use the feature, must be set to true)

      ParameterEnable virtual background for webcam.
      Valueenabled / disabled 
      ParameterReplace default webcam with virtual one.
      Valueenabled / disabled
      ParameterSelect how the webcam to use should be choosen.
      Range[Use first webcam[Choose by name] [Choose by vendor_id:product_id] [Choose by number]
      ParameterSelect webcam by number (only valid if choose by number is used)
      ParameterSelect webcam by name (only valid if choose by name is used)
      ParameterSelect webcam by vendor_id:product_id (only valid if choose by vendor_id:product_id is used)
      ParameterBackground picture file to use as virtual background
      ParameterStrength of background blurring

      ParameterSelect type of virtual background.
      Range[Use blur[Use background picture]
      ParameterSelect resolution to use.
      Range[webcam default[webcam max] [1280x720] [640x480] [480x360]
      ParameterSelect model for background segmentation.
      Range[segm_full] [selfiesegmentation] [segm_lite] [deeplabv3]
    • Added possibility to use ntfs with compression as Chromium and Firefox profile partition filesystem.
    • Changed registry keys (added ntfs option):

      ParameterFirefox Profiles Partition Filesystem Type
      Range[reiser4[ext4] [f2fs] [ntfs]
      ParameterChromium Profiles Partition Filesystem Type
      Range[reiser4[ext4] [f2fs] [ntfs]


  • Added Smart Virtual Background support for zoomvdi.

    IGEL SetupSessions > Unified Communication > Zoom Client Selection
    ParameterSmart Virtual Background Support
    Value[ Off ][ Auto ][ Always ]
  • Integrated Zoom VDI plugin
    Available plugins in this release: (default), and


  • Updated DisplayLink driver to version 5.6.0.
  • Improved performance of AMD devices and DisplayLink solutions.
  • Added hardware support for Dell Optiplex 3000TC

TC Setup (Java)

  • Updated TC Setup to version 6.10.4.


  • Updated FabulaTech Scanner for Remote Desktop to version