An administrator password has been set on IGEL OS (via Setup > Security > Password > Administrator) but it has been lost.


The local setup is not accessible without the password. Also, resetting the device to factory defaults seems impossible.


  • Change the administrator password using IGEL UMS via Setup > Security > Password > Administrator
  • Reset the device using IGEL UMS via Devices > Other commands > Reset to Factory Defaults in the UMS menu.
  • Reset the thin client locally using a reset to defaults key provided by IGEL (as described below):
  1. Press the [ESC] key repeatedly in rapid succession while the device is booting.
    This will bring up the boot menu.

    Boot Menu

  2. Choose Reset to factory defaults and press [Enter].
    The following will be displayed:


  3. Press [Enter] three times without supplying a password.


  4. Enter [c] and press [Enter].
    The software will then display a terminal key. Make a note of it, as you need it for requesting the reset to defaults key from IGEL.
  5. Request a reset to defaults key from IGEL. Write an email to containing
    • your terminal key
    • your email address as registered with IGEL support
    • your company address
    • your phone number

    IGEL will send you the reset to defaults key.
  6. In the current session, enter [e] and press [Enter] to shut down the device.
  7. On receiving the reset to defaults key, repeat steps 1 to 3 to boot the device with the same terminal key.
  8. Enter [c] and press [Enter]. You will be prompted to enter the reset to defaults key.

    Enter the Reset to Defaults Key

  9. Enter the reset to defaults key. Enter yes and press [Enter] to confirm resetting the client. All local thin client settings will be lost.

Should you enter the wrong key or mistype the key you will have to resume from step 1.