• Fix for Self-Service enumeration problem with consecutive users when Multi user is off. Introduced new parameters to enable cleanup after Self-Service termination:

    ParameterClean up UI cache after Self-Service termination
    Valuefalse / true
    ParameterClean up Store cache after Self-Service termination
    Valuefalse / true

RD Web Access

  • Fixed RD Web Access autostart error.


  • Fixed custom downloads not working when the path was invalid 
  • Fixed 'custom location' for Chromium Browser downloads


  • Fixed VMware disconnect delay


  • Fixed issues with non working touchpads, touchscreens, and multimedia keys.

CUPS Printing

  • Fixed printer selection by pattern where manufacturer or product pattern could be left empty.

Base system

  • Fixed loss of settings on certain hardware devices after update from a or older firmware version.
  • Fixed reliability of power off in case UD Pocket stick is removed.
  • Fixed / stabilized factory reset with enabled device encryption.


  • Fixed Olympus Dictation devices DS-5000, DS-7000, and DS-9500 buttons disturbing client side window handling.


  • Fixed non working Bluetooth with Mediatek MT7961.
  • Fixed issue with suspend/resume on Lenovo K14 Gen1 with Mediatek WiFi card.

Remote Management

  • Reduced UMS communication load for asset inventory tracker (AIT) feature.