• Fixed H264 codec: When the server was configured to update only regions which have changed, sometimes massive glitches in the shape of green rectangles appeared.
  • Fixed: Expired DigiCertSHA2SecureServerCA certificate was replaced with a valid one.


  • Fixed RDP fullscreen-toggle not working when trying to switch from fullscreen to windowed mode.


  • Fixed MS Teams optimized video playback to not slow down on high CPU load.
  • Fixed percentage (%) window size settings.
  • Fixed workarea session window size.
  • Fixed multimonitor switching during the session.
  • Supports all kinds of multimonitor constellations.
  • MS Teams optimization stability fixes.
  • Fixed Zoom VDI support for multimonitor.
  • Fixed video encoder buffer queuing up endlessly and crashing the client when it runs out of memory. Instead, we drop webcam frames when the CPU cannot catch up with encoding.
  • Fixed MS Teams screen share on multimonitor.
  • Fixed session size preset to take effect when not multimonitor.
  • Added fixes from the latest RdClientSDK including the TCP buffer bump to avoid unwanted client session dis-/reconnections.

NX Client

  • The value of sessions.nxclient%.general.commandline is not converted to lowercase anymore when being written to a session config file


  • Fixed Chromium browser could not be restarted after closing it too quickly.
  • Fixed ClearBrowsingDataOnExitList policy for Chromium browser.
  • Fixed Chromium browser not starting if persistent partition was missing.


  • Mozilla Firefox 102 ESR starting Citrix Desktops, requires an ica file to start sessions.
  • In normal browser session, the following parameter must be disabled: Sessions > Firefox Browser > Firefox Browser Global > Security > Hide local filesystem
  • If browser appliance mode is used, it is required to activate the following:

    ParameterFile system access needed for ica file handling
    Valueenabled / disabled
  • Fixed Registry parameter sessions.browser\<instance>.gstreamer_version: If set to 1.0 via setup, 0.10 was activated and vice versa.


  • Added registry key for choosing the base of decisions regarding automatically switching on and off enabling Wi-Fi carrier: either completed IP configuration of an Ethernet interface (default, traditional implementation) or just Ethernet carrier. The new key has no effect if network.applet.wireless.enable_wifi_auto_switch is false.

    ParameterEnable Wi-Fi automatic switch on Ethernet carrier change
    Valueenabled / disabled
  • Fixed set of 100Mbps ethernet modes.

  • Improved reliability of Ethernet configuration on IGEL D220 devices.

  • Fixed disabling of WoL - which was not applied without a reboot.


  • Fixed: System regulatory domain now also set on the self-managed driver rtl8852be
  • Fixed default wireless regulatory domain for HP devices delivered to Indonesia - by detecting the HP option code.
  • Fixed: HP Probook 450 G8 with Intel AX201 Wi-Fi.
  • Improved finding hidden SSIDs with MT7922 WLAN adapter (e.g. in  Lenovo ThinkPad L14 Gen 3)
  • Improved restoration of Wi-Fi rfkill state on startup


  • Improved error messages on PIN enrollment.


  • Fixed cryptas TicTok v3 smartcards for usage within Horizon sessions.
  • Fixed sporadic duplicated smartcard user entries at login screen.

Cisco Webex

  • Integrated Cisco Webex Meetings VDI Plugin

Base System

  • Added new registry key to set left-hand on touchpad devices

    ParameterLeft hand
    Valuedisabled (default)
  • Fixed sporadic delayed local logon when logon logging is enabled.
  • Fixed German translation of "Enter new password" in password change dialog of local login window.
  • Fixed Starter license on devices with multiple network interfaces.
  • Fixed autostart notification.
  • Fixed error message on login screen in case Kerberos KDC (domain controller) is unreachable.
  • Added Fluendo h264 codec version 24012023, which fixes stability issues with AVD MS Teams optimization.
  • Changed default of registry key devices.bluetooth.connect_only to true to make connect after reboot for bluetooth the new default.

    ParameterConnect devices without pairing
    Valueenabled / disabled
  • Fixed WoL BIOS setting detection for Lenovo M75q Gen 2.

  • Fixed "fwupdmgr get-devices" command.

  • Fixed disabling of the "BIOS Tools" feature on the Setup page System > Firmware Customization > Features.

  • Improved Bluetooth auto connect.

X11 System

  • Fixed monitor refresh rate handling in Display Switcher.
  • Fixed issue that display switcher settings were overwritten by UMS if network connection changed and the display switcher is still open.
  • Added registry key to influence the graphic card order in IGEL Setup.

    ParameterPreserve card order in setup even if the X11 order of the cards was changed.
    Valueenabled / disabled 
  • Changed default X11 graphic driver from modesetting to intel on Dell Wyse 5070.


  • Added new registry key to limit max headphone volume (setting will survive a reset to factory defaults)

    ParameterLimit max headphone volume (use auto or 0 - 100 as values).
    Valueauto (default)
  • Fixed audio output on jack in LG 24CN650N device.


  • Fixed issue on specific monitors stayed black after resume (DPMS off).