• Updated Chromium browser to version 114 (for fixing CVE-2023-3079).


  • Updated Mozilla Firefox to version 102.13.0 ESR:
  • Fixes for mfsa2023-23, also known as: CVE-2023-37201, CVE-2023-37202, CVE-2023-37207, CVE-2023-37208, CVE-2023-37211.
  • Fixes for mfsa2023-19, also known as: CVE-2023-34414, CVE-2023-34416.
  • Fixes for mfsa2023-17, also known as: CVE-2023-32205, CVE-2023-32206, CVE-2023-32207, CVE-2023-32211, CVE-2023-32212, CVE-2023-32213, CVE-2023-32215.

Base System

  • Fixed cups security issue CVE-2023-32324.
  • Fixed libx11 security issue CVE-2023-3138.
  • Fixed libxml2 security issue CVE-2022-2309.
  • Fixed openssh security issue CVE-2023-28531.
  • Fixed dmidecode security issue CVE-2023-30630.
  • Fixed opensc security issue CVE-2023-2977.
  • Fixed texlive-bin security issue CVE-2023-32700.
  • Fixed ncurses security issues CVE-2023-29491, CVE-2022-29458, CVE-2021-39537, CVE-2019-17595 and CVE-2019-17594.
  • Fixed perl security issue CVE-2023-31484.
  • Fixed openssl1.0 security issue, CVE-2023-2650.
  • Fixed openssl security issue CVE-2023-2650.
  • Fixed libuv1 security issue CVE-2021-22918.
  • Fixed zulu8-ca security issues CVE-2023-22049, CVE-2023-22043 and CVE-2023-22045.
  • Fixed openssh security issue CVE-2023-38408.
  • Fixed qemu security issues CVE-2023-2861, CVE-2023-1544, CVE-2023-0330 and CVE-2022-1050.