It is possible to authenticate using a smartcard at websites, e. g. Citrix Web Interface or StoreFront.

When connecting via an SSL/TLS secured https URL, the root certificate of the web server certificate has to be known as the Trusted Root Certificate on the endpoint device; see Deploying Trusted Root Certificates, certificate types Web Browser Certificate and (!) SSL Certificate.

Select the appropriate PKCS#11 module (security device) for the smartcard under Sessions > Browser > Browser Global > Smartcard Middleware.

  • Gemalto/SafeNet eToken
  • cryptovision sc/interface
  • Gemalto IDPrime
  • Athena IDProtect
  • A.E.T. SafeSign
  • Secmaker Net iD
  • Coolkey
  • OpenSC
  • 90meter

    Licensed Feature

    This feature requires an add-on license; see Add-On Licenses. Please contact your IGEL reseller.

For details on the custom PKCS#11 library, refer to the article Using a Custom PKCS#11 Library.