Menu path: Setup > Sessions > ThinLinc > ThinLinc Global > VNC Optimization

You can change VNC protocol settings in order to optimize transmission.

VNC autoselect

☑ The preferred coding and color depth will be specified automatically. (Default)

☐ The Preferred coding and Color depth can be specified by the user.

Preferred encoding: Specifies how the data to be transmitted are to be coded. The coding is negotiated between the client and server.
Possible values:

  • "Tight": Suitable for slow networks too.
  • "ZRLE": Compatible with RealVNC.
  • "Hextile": Recommended for fast networks.
  • "Raw": No compression.

Color depth: Allows you to select the color resolution.
Possible values:

  • "Full (all colors)": The maximum value set on the server is used.
  • "Medium (256 colors)"
  • "Low (64 colors)"
  • "Very low (8 colors)"