The release notes for the latest release of IGEL OS 11.03 can be found on our download server under  Software Downloads  as well as in the Knowledge Base at Notes for Release 11.03.100.

Integration of Login PI

With Login PI Launcher you can test changes that affect the performance of desktop and application logins, as well as the current processing of both applications and specific tasks inside of a given application before you implement them on real devices. See Login Enterprise Launcher in IGEL OS.

Hotkey for Notebook Touchpad on/off

You can configure now a hotkey to turn the touchpad on or off. See Touchpad.

Connector ID Key Software

Stratusphere UX is used to assess or inventory the current environment as the basis for designing the target environment. See Connector ID Key Software.

Fabulatech Scanner Redirection

Since IGEL OS 11.03 you can create a redirection for using Fabulatech scanner. See Citrix Fabulatech Scanner Redirection and RDP Fabulatech Scanner Redirection.

Support for exFAT filesystem

Since IGEL OS 11.03 we support the exFAT filesystem. See Storage Hotplug.

Cherry SECURE BOARD is supported

IGEL OS 11.03.100 supports the Cherry SECURE BOARD. To activate the secure keyboard input, see Keyboard.