In addition to the compressed archive that you created in the previous step, a plain text file with essential information for the endpoint device is necessary. In this, step you will create the hello.inf file.

  1. Change to the directory that contains the compressed contents of our Custom Partition (hello.tar.bz2): cd /custom/
  2. Create a new file named hello.inf and put the following into it:
    The individual entries and their meaning are:
    [INFO] Mandatory string
    [PART] Mandatory string
    file The filename of the *.tar.bz2 archive
    version The version of the contents, consisting of the vendor version (let's say this is "hello 1.0") and the IGEL package version (the first package we produced of the software), joined with an underscore.
    size Size of the decompressed contents
    name Name of this content, used for naming the subdirectory within the custom partition and for keeping track of installed contents
    minfw Minimum firmware version required for these contents
  3. Save the file.

Next Step

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