The following simple shell scripts illustrate how to write custom commands that receive username and domain as parameters from Evidian Authentication Manager.

In order to use them

  1. Save the scripts in /wfs/.
  2. Make them executable with chmod a+x [filename].
  3. Enter their full path (e.g. /wfs/ in Sessions > Evidian > [Session name] > Options.

Start Script

# Sample start script
if [ $# -eq 3 ] ; then
   # Start "session"
   gtkmessage –t "Evidian Authentifcation Manager Login" –m "Login as user '$1' with domain '$3'."
   exit 1
exit 0

Stop Script

# Sample stop script
# Close running "session"
pkill gtkmessage
gtkmessage -t "Evidian Authentication Manager Logout" -s 5 -S –m "Logout user '$1'."
exit 0