Menu path: Setup > Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > Firewall

In this area, you can configure the following firewall settings:

Alternative address

☑ Allows you to use a proxy or Secure Gateway server as an alternative address for connections via a firewall.

☐ Do not use an alternative address (default)

SOCKS / Secure Proxy

Proxy type

  • None (Direct Connection)
  • SOCKS: A proxy that uses the SOCKS protocol
  • Secure (HTTPS): An HTTP proxy with TLS/SSL encryption.

Proxy server: Name or IP address of the proxy server

Proxy port: TCP port of the proxy server (default: 1080)

Secure Gateway (Relay Mode)

Secure gateway address: If you would like to use a Citrix Secure Gateway in relay mode, you must give the full DNS name – the IP address is not sufficient in this case.

Port: TCP port of the gateway (default: 443)