Menu path: Sessions > IBM iAccess Client > IBM iAccess Session >  [session name] > Connection

Destination Address: Name or IP of the server

Destination Port: Server port (Default value: "default")

If you leave Destination Address set to the string value "default" (default value) while Use TLS/SSL is enabled, port 229 is used. Without Use TLS/SSL enabled, port 23 is used. However, you are free to enter a custom port number.


☑ TLS/SSL is used.

☐ TLS/SSL is not used. (Standard)

Server Authentication: Defines if the client validates the authenticity of the server when connecting.

To perform server authentication, the endpoint device must have the CA certificate that is associated with the server certificate. For instructions on how to deploy the certificate on the device, see Deploying Trusted Root Certificates.

☑ The client requires the server to authenticate itself. (Default)

☐  The client connects to the server without server authentication.

Workstation ID: Name of the client that is presented to the server. This name must be unique. For more information, go to Help > Information Center in your iAccess client.

Screen Size

Possible values:

  • 24x80
  • 27x132

Host Code Page

Possible values:

  • 1140 United States Euro
  • 1141 Germany Euro
  • 1141 Austria Euro
  • 1142 Denmark Euro
  • ...

Enable Unicode Data Stream

☑ Unicode Data Stream is enabled.

☐ Unicode Data Stream is disabled. (Default)

Enable DBCS in Unicode Fields

☑ DBCS is enabled in unicode fields.

☐ DBCS is disabled in unicode fields. (Default)


☑ Automatically connect to the server on client startup. (Default)


☑ Automatically make a reconnect attempt if the server connection is lost. (Default)