Performance is slow when writing to USB storage devices attached to the device.


IGEL Linux v4 before 4.14.100 and IGEL Linux v5 before 5.06.100:

By default the device's system synchronizes the process of writing to USB with the progress status visible for the user. This may slow down the writing process a little bit but on the other hand makes writing to removable devices more reliable.


To speed up writing on USB media, it is possible to deactivate the parameter sync_option.

Deactivating this parameter is not recommended. When it is disabled it is not guaranteed that the write process has finished when the software indicates it. Some data might still reside in the write buffer. If the user disconnects the USB device too early, the written data might not be complete and the data file(s) may be corrupt. Some USB devices have an LED that blinks when data is written. When it stops blinking, the write process should be completed, but it is not guaranteed.
  1. Go to IGEL Setup > System > Registry > devices > autofs > sync_option.
  2. Disable sync_option.

    This setting will not speed up USB performance for USB Redirection mode such as Vmware Horizon View, Citrix XenDesktop, Fabulatech or Microsoft RemoteFX.

With IGEL Linux 4.14.100 / 5.06.100 the default setting has changed to sync_option = disabled. A new parameter has been added: devices.autofs.flush_option (default enabled) to allow a safe writing process with significantly higher performance. Enable sync_option to get back to the previous behavior.