IGEL OS 11.04.200 or Higher

This feature is available with IGEL OS 11.04.200 or higher.

Menu path: Devices > Unified Communications > EPOS Audio > EPOS Connect

Here you can set up EPOS Connect, a client application that connects with EPOS Manager and sends device information to it. EPOS Manager performs the following tasks for the EPOS devices that are connected to the endpoint:

  • Firmware updates
  • Remote asset management
  • Remote configuration

Enable EPOS Connect

☑ The EPOS Connect client is enabled.

Tenant ID: The customer-specific system ID for your EPOS Manager installation.

Backend Endpoint: URL of EPOS Manager

Proxy: URL of the proxy that connects to EPOS Manager, if applicable. The proxy URL must be provided in the format [ADDRESS]:[PORT].