Menu path: Setup > System > Firmware Customization > Custom Commands > Network

The commands defined here are executed each time that the relevant network interface (default: eth0) starts. The network interface can be selected with the $INTERFACE environment variables (eth0, eth1, wlan0). You can define commands for the execution times described below:

  • Network initialization
    • Network authentication successful (802.1x or WPA)
    • No further network settings used
  • After network DNS
    • Runs after each change in the IP address or host name
    • IP address / name server settings used (e.g. via DHCP)
  • Before network services
    • IP address / name server settings used
    • VPN connected (if VPN autostart was enabled in the setup)
    • No network / host routing settings used
  • Final network command
    • Network / host routing settings used
    • NFS and SMB drives available
    • System time synchronized with time server
    • UMS settings retrieved but not effective yet