Menu path: Setup > Sessions > RDP > RDP Sessions > [Session Name] > Options

Here, you can specify the name and symbol for the RDP client.

  • Client name: Specifies the name that is sent to the terminal server for identification purposes.
    Possible values:
    • Global setting: The setting from RDP Global > Options will be carried over.
    • Custom client name: The name given under Custom client name will be used as the client name.
    • MAC address: The MAC address of the computer will be used as the client name.
    • Host name: The name of the device specified under Setup > Network > LAN Interfaces > Terminal name will be used as the client name. See LAN Interfaces.
  • Custom client name: Custom client name; if the field is empty, the MAC address will be used.
  • Collection: The name of the Remote Desktop Services (RDS) collection to connect to.

    Instead of the collection name, it is also possible to specify under Collection the token that directs the RDP client to a specific RDS collection. The token format is tsv://MS Terminal Services Plugin.1.RDS collection name. For more information, see What Is the String for Token-Based Load Balancing?.

  • Icon name: File name of the icon without file extension. (Default: rdp)