Menu path: Sessions > WVD > WVD Sessions > [Session Name] > Options

See also the list of implemented features: Feature Matrix: WVD (RDP3) for IGEL OS 11.

Clipboard redirection

☑  Text and images from the clipboard are shared between the WVD session and the local client. 

Drive redirection

☑  Redirection is bound to the /media folder, so that locally mounted storage devices, including USB sticks, are forwarded to the WVD session. (Default)

Smartcard redirection

☑  Smartcards are forwarded to the WVD session.

Exit on last session closed

☑  When the last session window is closed, the entire IGEL WVD Client automatically closes. (Default)

In-session toolbar

☑  The in-session toolbar is enabled. (Default)

Audio output redirection

☑  The audio output is redirected between the WVD session and the local client. (Default)

AAC Codec

☑  The AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) codec used for support of audio output redirection is enabled. (Default)

Audio input redirection

☑  The audio input is redirected between the local client and the WVD session. (Default)