Here you can find typical upgrade failures and the appropriate methods to regain a usable system.

Device Has Upgraded to Igel OS 11, but Does Not Boot Any More

To get a working IGEL OS 11 system:

 Use the IGEL OS Creator to recover the IGEL OS 11 system. For more information, see the IGEL OS Creator Manual.

IGEL OS 10 Rescue System Fails to Update Missing Partitions

If a severe error has occurred during the upgrade process, the device boots into a minimal 10.05.700 (or higher) rescue system. If unattended, the device tries to download and update the missing partitions and reboots on failure.

To regain a full IGEL OS 10 system, you have two possibilities:

 In the rescue system, start the Setup, go to System > Update > Firmware Update and set a valid update source for the appropriate IGEL OS 10 firmware version (10.05.700 or higher).


 Configure a UMS profile that contains a valid update source for the appropriate IGEL OS 10 firmware version (10.05.700 or higher) under System > Update > Firmware Update and assign it to the device.