In this step, we will register all target machines to the UMS. This is necessary because the conversion to IGEL OS will be triggered by the UMS.

Two registration methods are available: a scan by the UMS and automatic registration.

Registering by a UMS Scan

  1. Open the UMS Console and click  to scan for devices. 
  2. Select the scope in which the devices are located; for details, see Scanning the Network for Devices and Registering Devices on the IGEL UMS.
  3. Click Scan.
    The dialog Found devices opens.
  4. In the Filter field, enter "IGEL Unified Management Agent OSCW".
  5. Select all target machines and click Ok.

    The target machines are registered with the UMS.
  6. In the Result dialog, click Ok.

Registering by Automatic Registration

For this method, a DNS entry or DHCP option must be set.

 Follow the instructions in Registering Devices Automatically on the IGEL UMS.

Check List

(tick) All target machines are registered with the UMS.

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