• Integrated HDX Realtime Optimization Pack 2.9.300
  • Updated Grundig Dictation driver to version 20-09-16. This fixes termination of Citrix sessions when USB devices are plugged or unplugged - happens with Citrix Workspace App versions newer than 20.09.
  • Citrix Hardware Decoder doesn't crash anymore when using 12 CPU cores (or even more) at the server.


  • Fixed forced Azure re-authentication (every 30 minutes)

Parallels Client

  • Updated Parallels client to version 17.1.3

Teradici PCoIP Client

  • Teradici client update 21.03


  • Fixed missing vendor logo


  • Fixed apparmor rule for allowing Firefox to use widevine DRM plugin.


  • Fixed smartcard resource manager: Reset is triggered when eject of smartcard fails.

Cisco Webex

  • Updated Cisco Webex Teams VDI to
  • Updated Cisco Webex Meetings VDI to
  • Please make sure your Webex meetings client version is WBS 41.4.0 or later, otherwise it will fail to launch Webex VDI optimized meeting.

Cisco JVDI Client

  • Updated Cisco JVDI to 14.0.0


  • Fixed error in iAccess configuration.

Base system

  • Fixed bootcode update is done on each reboot on some EFI devices. 
  • Changed: Minimized periodic write access to permanent storage.

Firmware update

  • Added: sftp protocol supports now the following key exchange methods:
    ecdh-sha2-nistp256 (BSI)
    ecdh-sha2-nistp384 (BSI)
    ecdh-sha2-nistp521 (BSI)
    curve25519-sha256 (BSI) (BSI)

X11 system

  • Fixed monitor sorting order to be independent from montior startup time (GTK-3)
  • Fixed panel on wrong monitor, when original monitor takes longer to come online
  • Fixed Turkish (Q) and Turkish (F) keyboard layout configuration.
  • Fixed panel keyboard layout indicator for French (Switzerland), Turkish (Q) and Turkish (F) keyboard layouts.
  • Added inhibit screensaver while a Cisco Webex Meetings session is active in Citrix Workspace App.


  • Fixed not working audio on Intel Tiger Lake-based devices.
  • Fixed automatic start of output audio stream in ALSA Pulse PCM. The bug caused a complete freeze of a Parallels session while playback audio data.
  • Bugfix for USB audio default device switch and update of igel-sound-control


  • Fixed touchpad issues for some Dynabook laptops.

Remote Management

  • Fixed execution of generic commands (Deploy Jabra Xpress package) if they invoked as a UMS scheduled job.
  • Fixed handling of UMS scheduled jobs during boot process.


  • Improved network device order for LG CL600N, LG CN650N
  • The currently used parameter tls-remote is deprecated and was removed in openVPN 2.4. It was be changed to verify-x509-name.


  • Citrix Hardware Decoder doesn't crash anymore when using 12 CPU cores (or even more) at the server.