• Fixed Chromium browser security issues:

    CVE-2023-1236, CVE-2023-1235, CVE-2023-1234, CVE-2023-1233,
    CVE-2023-1232, CVE-2023-1231, CVE-2023-1230, CVE-2023-1229,
    CVE-2023-1228, CVE-2023-1227, CVE-2023-1226, CVE-2023-1225,
    CVE-2023-1224, CVE-2023-1223, CVE-2023-1222, CVE-2023-1221,
    CVE-2023-1220, CVE-2023-1219, CVE-2023-1218, CVE-2023-1217,
    CVE-2023-1216, CVE-2023-1215, CVE-2023-1214, and CVE-2023-1213

  • Fixed Chromium browser security issues:

    CVE-2023-2137, CVE-2023-2136, CVE-2023-2135, CVE-2023-2134,
    CVE-2023-2133, CVE-2023-2033, CVE-2023-1534, CVE-2023-1533,
    CVE-2023-1532, CVE-2023-1531, CVE-2023-1530, CVE-2023-1529,
    CVE-2023-1528, CVE-2022-2136, and CVE-2022-2033

  • Updated Chromium browser to version 112.0.5615.165


  • Updated Mozilla Firefox to version 102.10.0 ESR
    Security fixes for mfsa2023-14, also known as:  
      CVE-2023-29533, CVE-2023-29535, CVE-2023-29536, CVE-2023-29539,  
      CVE-2023-29541, CVE-2023-1945, CVE-2023-29548, CVE-2023-29550
      Security fixes for mfsa2023-10, also known as:  
      CVE-2023-25751, CVE-2023-28164, CVE-2023-28162, CVE-2023-25752, and CVE-2023-28176.

Base System

  • Updated Intel-microcode from 20221108 to 20230214 version for solving relevant security issues.
  • Fixed sudo security issues CVE-2023-28487, CVE-2023-28486, and CVE-2023-2848.
  • Fixed vim security issues:

    CVE-2023-1175, CVE-2023-1170, CVE-2023-0433,
    CVE-2023-0288, CVE-2023-0054, CVE-2023-0049, CVE-2022-47024, CVE-2022-2946,
    CVE-2022-2923, CVE-2022-2849, CVE-2022-2845, CVE-2022-2581, CVE-2022-2571,
    CVE-2022-2345, CVE-2022-2304, CVE-2022-2206, CVE-2022-2183, CVE-2022-2175,
    CVE-2022-2129, CVE-2022-2126, CVE-2022-2125, CVE-2022-2124, CVE-2022-1968,
    CVE-2022-1942, CVE-2022-1898, CVE-2022-1851, CVE-2022-1796, CVE-2022-1785,
    CVE-2022-1735, CVE-2022-1733, CVE-2022-1720, CVE-2022-1674, CVE-2022-1629, and CVE-2022-0413.

  • Fixed bubblewrap security issue CVE-2021-41133.
  • Fixed heimdal security issue CVE-2022-45142.
  • Fixed xorg-server security issue CVE-2023-1393.
  • Fixed ghostscript security issue CVE-2023-28879.
  • Fixed protobuf security issues CVE-2022-1941 and CVE-2021-22570.
  • Fixed python2.7 security issue CVE-2023-24329.
  • Fixed python3.6 security issue CVE-2023-24329.
  • Fixed zulu8-ca security issues:

    CVE-2023-21930, CVE-2023-21937, CVE-2023-21938,
    CVE-2023-21939, CVE-2023-21954, CVE-2023-21967, and CVE-2023-21968  

  • Fixed systemd security issues CVE-2022-3821 and CVE-2022-4415.
  • Fixed openssl1.0 security issues CVE-2023-0466, CVE-2023-0465, and CVE-2023-0464.
  • Fixed openssl security issues CVE-2023-0466, CVE-2023-0465, and CVE-2023-0464.
  • Fixed gnutls28 security issue CVE-2023-0361.
  • Fixed qemu security issue CVE-2022-1050.
  • Fixed ffmpeg security issues CVE-2022-48434, CVE-2022-3964, CVE-2022-3341, and CVE-2022-3109.